House, Electro, EDM | Amsterdam, Netherlands


The last 20 years Shahrooz has built up a lot of experience in different fields, from lounge to Hardcore techno. In life you have to build up experience to find your passion. His passion is Tech / Electro house music, building an atmosphere for those who need to relax and get away from the daily stress. The finest tracks served exactly at the right moment. He becomes one with the audience and is ready for take off! 

When things become big, people forget what it was all about. When you enjoy what you are doing, people will feel that and connect with you. Shahrooz chooses to do things that makes him move. He only plays a few times a week so that when he plays, he can make the difference. His opinion is that as a Dj you have to be a part of the party and team with the audience. You need to be informed about your audience, so that you can give them exactly what they need. This makes every party or celebration different. At the end of the day it’s all about going home with a fullfilled feeling by expressing yourself. 

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Ansprechpartner: Christopher Gamradt
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